Your ‘voice’ in writing

I ask ChatGPT about what “having a voice” in writing means. What ChatGPT Says: Q: What does “having a voice” is writing mean? Having a voice in writing means that the author’s unique perspective, style, tone, and personality come through in their writing. It is about expressing oneself authentically and in a way that feelsContinue reading “Your ‘voice’ in writing”

File Formats for ebook

I ask ChatGPT about file formats for ebook. What ChatGPT Says: Q: File format ebook There are several file formats that can be used for ebooks, the most common ones include: When self-publishing an ebook, it is important to ensure that the file is in a format that is compatible with the platforms and devicesContinue reading “File Formats for ebook”

Classification (Age Rating)

I ask ChatGPT about the classification scheme in Australia. What ChatGPT Says: Q: Hi, how do I figure out the age rating for a story/novel/novella in AUstralia? In Australia, the classification of books, including novels, novellas and stories, is done by the Australian Classification Board (ACB) which is an independent government body that makes classificationContinue reading “Classification (Age Rating)”

Self-Publishing Step 1: Writing/Editing

I ask ChatGPT about the first step of self-publishing: writing and editing. I respond to its response. What ChatGPT Says: Q: What is involved in the self-publishing step of writing/editing? The writing and editing step is one of the most important steps in the self-publishing process. It involves the author taking the time to writeContinue reading “Self-Publishing Step 1: Writing/Editing”

Digital Rights Management (DRM) in Self-Publishing

I ask ChatGPT about DRM for ebooks, and I respond to its response. What ChatGPT Says: Q: DRM ebook DRM, or digital rights management, refers to a set of technologies and techniques used to control and restrict the use of digital content, including ebooks. DRM is typically used by publishers and copyright holders to preventContinue reading “Digital Rights Management (DRM) in Self-Publishing”

Copyright for Self-Publishing

I ask ChatGPT about several topics on Copyright for self-publishing. This post is a long one, as one question didn’t quite cover everything, so I asked several questions. What ChatGPT Says: Q: Please tell me about copyright in Australia for ebooks, printed books and audiobooks In Australia, copyright law is governed by the Copyright ActContinue reading “Copyright for Self-Publishing”

Literary Fiction versus Commercial Fiction

I ask ChatGPT about the difference between literary and commercial fiction, and respond to the response. What ChatGPT Says: Q: What’s the difference between literary and commercial fiction? The terms “literary fiction” and “commercial fiction” are used to classify and differentiate types of fiction based on their content, style, and intended audience. “Literary fiction” isContinue reading “Literary Fiction versus Commercial Fiction”

Types of Editing

In this series, I ask ChatGPT a question about self-publishing, and I respond to their response. Today, the topic is editing. What ChatGPT Says: Q: What are the different types of editing? There are several different types of editing, including: 1. Developmental editing: This type of editing focuses on the overall structure, organization, and contentContinue reading “Types of Editing”