Main Steps in Self-Publishing

I ask ChatGPT about the main steps in self-publishing, and I respond to their reply. What ChatGPT Says: Q: steps in self-publishing The self-publishing process can vary depending on the platform and services you use, but in general, the steps involved in self-publishing include: These are the general steps involved in self-publishing, but the processContinue reading “Main Steps in Self-Publishing”

Pros and Cons of Self-Publishing

I ask ChatGPT about the pros and cons of self-publishing, and respond with my own thoughts. What ChatGPT Says: Q: self-publishing pros and cons Self-publishing has become a popular option for authors in recent years, as it allows them to have more control over the publishing process and reach a wider audience. However, self-publishing alsoContinue reading “Pros and Cons of Self-Publishing”

Ingram Spark for Self-Publishing

In this series, I ask ChatGPT (an online AI chat software) some questions about self-publishing, and I give my response. What ChatGPT says: Q: Please tell me about Ingram spark for self publishing IngramSpark is a self-publishing platform that allows authors to publish and distribute their books in both print and digital formats. The platformContinue reading “Ingram Spark for Self-Publishing”

Freelance writing – short stories

How does it work? You provide me with a specification and an approximate word count. I provide you with a rough outline of ideas. We discuss the outline, then I go ahead and write the story. I share the work-in-progress (WIP) to you. We discuss your feedback on the WIP. I complete the story, takingContinue reading “Freelance writing – short stories”

Get Off My Lawn! novella

For ages 8-12 years. 2090. Retired millennial Olivia has fallen into a familiar routine. Gardening. Painting. Keeping the stray cat off the grass. Until Dotty, her new seven-year-old neighbour, starts fiddling with her pristine front lawn. Olivia must now choose between the memories of her past, or the promise of companionship. A funny story ofContinue reading “Get Off My Lawn! novella”