Freelance writing – short stories

How does it work?

You provide me with a specification and an approximate word count. I provide you with a rough outline of ideas. We discuss the outline, then I go ahead and write the story. I share the work-in-progress (WIP) to you. We discuss your feedback on the WIP. I complete the story, taking your feedback on board, and submit it to you. Either you or I send it off for copyedit and proofread.

What are your terms?

There is a terms and conditions document to sign before we begin. Most importantly, I retain the copyright, and I provide you with a license to use the work. You can only use the work in its final form, and it must include my name as the author. The work will be in Australian English.

I am not a ghostwriter nor a copywriter.

What are your rates?

I charge $300 (+ GST) in blocks of 1,000 words.

Do you have samples of your work?

Please take a look at my snippets website. I have also self-published two novellas, Cupid’s Kiss and Get Off My Lawn!

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