Self-publishing for beginners

Coaching package for people who are starting out in self-publishing.

Session 1

  • Introduction: The final result, and the main stages of self-publishing (30 mins)
  • Format: Using scrivener to format your manuscript ready for publishing – walk through the templates and show you how to organise your information for easy formatting so you can DIY – (30 mins)

Session 2

  • File formats: Understand the difference between e-book and print and what is best for you – how the files are different for each platform (30 mins)
  • Tax implications in Australia and how to set this up for publishing on Amazon (US companies) (30 mins)

Session 3

  • Publish: Setting up the platforms for upload – Amazon and other platforms, including caveats and bank account details and how to upload (1 hour)

How much do you charge?

For this course, the first half-hour is free, no obligation to continue.

If you think I can help you, the remaining 2.5 hours is $250 (+ GST).

For a free, 30 min, no obligation session:

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